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FlanschdrehmaschineLMC Mini Facer30- 350 mm (1,25 - 14 inch)Anfragen
FlanschdrehmaschineSilk SX2872259 - 1829 mm (10 - 72 inch)Anfragen
FlanschdrehmaschineMM1000i153 - 1000 mm (6 - 40 inch)Anfragen
FlanschdrehmaschineMM2000i610 - 2032 mm (24 - 80 inch)Anfragen
FlanschdrehmaschineTFD2000720 - 2050 mm (28 - 80 inch)Anfragen
FlanschdrehmaschineTFD30001150 - 3100 mm (45 - 122 inch)Anfragen
FlanschdrehmaschineTFD50001150 - 5050 mm (45 - 199 inch)Anfragen

A flange lathe is a special type of lathe designed to machine the ends of pipes or flanges. It is typically used in the production and maintenance of pipelines, particularly in the oil and gas and chemical industries. Here are some distinctive features and functions of a flange lathe:

Purpose: The main function of a flange lathe is to machine flanges on pipes or other parts. This may include removing material for a precise fit, applying sealing surfaces, or making threads.

Structure: Flange lathes are usually robust machines with a stable structure to ensure precision and stability during the machining process.

Jig: These machines feature a jig that holds the workpiece securely and firmly to minimize vibration and unwanted movement during the machining process.

Rotary axis: The rotary axis of the machine is designed to rotate the workpiece evenly. This enables even processing of the flange surface.

Tools: Flange lathes use special tools such as cutting tools, milling cutters or turning tools to perform the desired operations on the flanges.

Control: Modern flange lathes are often equipped with CNC (Computerized Numerical Control), which allows precise control and repeatability of machining operations.

Versatility: Flange lathes can be used for different types of flanges and pipes. They are able to process different materials and sizes.

Safety: As with all metalworking machines, compliance with safety standards is of utmost importance with flange lathes. This includes protection from sharp edges, the presence of emergency stop switches and adequate training for operators.




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