Turning and milling of flanges or plane surfaces

The machine park of INOS enables the processing of the smallest to the largest flange diameters, whereby, depending on the application, the necessary clamping options can be from 0 mm – 5000 mm (special > 20 m). Whether normal processing or special applications (such as turning RTJ grooves), the INOS service range offers you various types of processing.

Boring of bores

In the field of boring work, INOS offers you the boring of different diameters, starting with 30mm up to over 2,000mm. This can also be applied to the length of the bore, which is guaranteed by the INOS equipment. This equipment also enables the combination of boring with other types of processing such as welding or facing of flanges.

Milling surfaces

Another service is linear milling. The hydraulically driven machines from INOS move on three axes and are able to achieve the most precise surface qualities. A recognizable advantage for you as a customer is the possibility of adapting the machines to 2400 mm x 4000 mm (in one setup). Depending on the case, the longitudinal and transverse travel can be adapted to the application. There is also the option of configuring and setting up the machines as portal milling machines.

Turning of journals and shafts

INOS is one of the few suppliers in the field of machining external journal surfaces. With the pneumatically driven machines, our employees are able to machine journals with diameters of more than 600mm over an identical length. For this purpose, the machine is either internally clamped or attached to the workpiece with a specially made adapter plate.
In the field of on-site processing, INOS offers many years of experience and expertise. It does not matter where and when the processing is to be carried out. Whether milling, turning, external turning, cutting, boring, drilling or welding, our service technicians fulfill every order with the highest quality and to your satisfaction. Do you have a frequently occurring processing or a special case ? We offer you a solution in both cases!
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