Our service portfolio at a glance.

On-Site Machining

In the field of on-site processing, INOS offers many years of experience and expertise. It does not matter where and when the processing is to be carried out. Whether milling, turning, external turning, cutting, boring, drilling or welding, our service technicians fulfill every order with the highest quality and to your satisfaction. Do you have a frequently occurring processing or a special case ? We offer you a solution in both cases!

Controlled screwin

In the field of bolting, INOS offers the complete solution: planning, implementation and control. Since control is an important point in order to ensure safety, special software is used for this, which documents and guarantees the necessary precision. This precision is also reinforced by the high standards in the tool selection of INOS GmbH & Co. KG and ultimately means that you as the customer are offered the highest quality as a result.

leak sealing

Downtime is very expensive these days. That is why INOS offers a cost-effective repair of leaks during ongoing operation, which extends the useful life of the relevant part of the system and thus keeps production running without disruptions until the next standstill. This variant protects against enormous expenses that would have arisen if the standstill had been brought forward.  

Anbohren von Leitungen unter Druck

INOS GmbH & Co. KG acts as a specialist in the field of tapping a line under pressure. With this methodology, continuous flow can be guaranteed and critical systems can be maintained. The service starts with the planning in interaction with the customer and ends with the control after the implementation. As a customer, you are offered a specific solution that meets the highest quality standards and norms.

Trennen und Anfasen von  Rohrleitungen und Behältern

The machine park of INOS enables the cutting and chamfering of pipelines and containers from a diameter of 25mm up to a diameter of 2500mm using the “cold cutting process”. With this method, the machine is mounted directly on the processing point, the pipeline or the container is separated and chamfered at the same time.


The use of composites strengthens pipelines and thus extends their service life. In addition to this effect, composites offer additional protection against external influences such as corrosion. Our team selects the composites according to the application and uses them during ongoing operations. We also use the composites to eliminate leaks.

Vermessung mit einem Lasersystem.

INOS offers you the measurement with a laser system. For this purpose, our employees will come to you and carry out the order. With our measuring system we are able to measure up to 0.025mm over a length of 20m. When the order is completed, you will receive the log accordingly.  
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