Flange management and controlled bolting

INOS offers high-quality service for everything to do with flanges and screw connections.

Clamp with a torque wrench

APPLICATION PARAMETERS Adjustable tightening torque 48 Nm to 181000 Nm (Accuracy +/- 3%) Maintenance of fasteners from 12mm to 165mm

Tensioning with tensioning cylinder

Execution with tools such as hydraulic tensioners, torque wrenches and pneumatic torque multipliers

Verification of the preload force with ultrasound and electronic data acquisition.

Collected results are immediately transferred to a cloud-based server and can be viewed live globally. Analysis and order creation for production control, production – productivity and repair reports in PDF file with all job-related information.

In the field of bolting, INOS offers the complete solution: planning, implementation and control. Since control is an important point in order to ensure safety, special software is used for this, which documents and guarantees the necessary precision. This precision is also reinforced by the high standards in the tool selection of INOS GmbH & Co. KG and ultimately means that you as the customer are offered the highest quality as a result. It doesn’t matter whether your use case is short-term or at a later point in time. Regardless of whether it is a standard case or a special application, INOS offers the right solution for every application.
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