We, INOS GmbH & Co. KG, are a global company with expertise in industrial services. We offer you tailor-made services with high quality at a fair price. We are your partner and help you to reduce downtimes, increase efficiency and increase (environmental) safety on your systems and machines. Whether in case of need, during a planned repair, maintenance or modernization: We offer you the right solution with the highest quality standards 24/7. As an industrial service provider, we are active in sectors such as power generation, oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, mining & shipbuilding and metallurgy. We cover a wide range of work with a wide range of services in the form of assembly, disassembly, surveying, on-site processing, online leak sealing and tapping of pipelines under pressure (for shutting off/diverting the pipeline).

In addition to industrial services, we are also your partner for high-quality composites and screwing tools.


Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality industrial services and the right equipment. Based on our many years of experience in these business areas, we guarantee the right quality at the right costs. The focus is also on meeting deadlines and is not affected by the customer-specific flexibility.


Companies from all industrial sectors are committed to ensuring people’s safety. To this end, we envision a world in which the services and equipment in all industrial sectors cover that security globally through their efficiency and quality.

Our certificates

In addition, our employees are trained and certified according to the following qualifications:

Working at height and PPE
Basic offshore safety
According to all necessary safety standards (G-examinations)
Screw connections according to VDI/VDE-MT 2637 and EN1591-4 (PCC1 / PCC2)
Working under heavy respiratory protectio